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LSAT - The Law School Admission Test

All about LSAT – Known as Law School Admission Test is a standardized test that is taken for admission at law schools in different countries.

LSAT - The Law School Admission Test

Conducting Body: Law school admission council (LSAC)

LSAT Exam Level: International

Commonly Known as: LSAT

Exam Name: Law School Admission Test

The registration process -

Online registration:

Registration by phone:
The telephone number for LSAT registration is 215.968.1001. Please add the US country code.

Registration my mail
Test Pattern -

Test consists of five 35-minute sections of multiple-choice questions. In addition, a 35-minute writing test will be held at the end of the exam which will be unscored.

Total duration - 3hours 30 minutes

Sections - one Reading Comprehension, one analytical reasoning section and two logical reasoning sections

Number of questions
Reading Comprehension
26 to 28(approx)
Analytical Reasoning
22 to 24(approx)
Logical reasoning (Two sections)
24 to 28 (approx) for each section
Variable section (Unscored)
Writing section (Unscored)

LSAT Preparation Tips - Know how to prepare for specific sections of LSAT

1. Get acquainted with the structure of LSAT
2. Work on strengths; work harder on weaknesses
3. Take one problem at a time
4. Start early, finish early
5. Practice sample papers
6. Take mock tests

Factors of LSAT selection process -

1. Performance at undergraduate level:
2. LSAT score
3. Extra-curricular performance:
4. Race or ethnic background:
5. Community activities:
6. State of residency:

Score scale for LSAT 2016 - Ranges from 120 to 180, 120 is the lowest score and 180 the highest. Law School Admission Council publishes the score of LSAT online.

LSAT score 2016 in the following ways -By email or by postal mail
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