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Tuesday, 21 August 2018

GMAT 2018 Test Centres and Dates

GMAT Test Dates and Centres
GMAT 2018 Test Centres: GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test) is conducted across the world. GMAT is a management level test which is held at 1600 institutes across 82 countries. In this article, candidates who want to take GMAT 2018 or GMAT 2019 can check here the list of test centres and address.

GMAT 2018 Test Dates: GMAT is conducted over the year. There are no specific dates for GMAT test 2018 and GMAT 2018. To know the GMAT test dates candidates have to check the GMAT Test Centres and choose the dates based on availability.

List of GMAT Test centres of following locations: Candidates can choose GMAT 2018 Test dates as per availability of test Centres.
Here, for the convenience of GMAT Aspirants, we are presenting an example ofMilitary Community’ looking for on-base test centres.

List of Test Centres:
Locations in USA
Armed Forces, Americas
New Jersey
New Mexico
Armed Forces, Europe & Other
North Carolina
Armed Forces Pacific
North Dakota
South Carolina

List of Test Centres with Address:
US Military NTC Troy University-Ft Rucker DoD Only
PO BOX 620457
Fort Rucker, Alabama 36362
United States
Phone: 334-598-2443

US Military NTC U of AK Fairbanks CTC Eielson AFB
UAF Community and Technical College
2623 Wabash Avenue
Eielson AFB, Alaska 99702
United States
Phone: 907-377-1396

US Military NTC Wayland Bap Univ-Elmendorf AF-DoD
7801 East 32nd Ave
Anchorage, Alaska 99504
United States
Phone: 907-333-2277

US Military Fort Huachuca - DoD Only
2288 LaGuardia St
Bldg 52104
Ft Huachuca, Arizona 85613-7014
United States
Phone: 520-533-1701

US Military NTC Rio Salado Colg, Luke AFB-DoD only
7383 N Litchfield Rd
56th Mission Support Group
Room 3138
Luke AFB, Arizona 85309
United States
Phone: 480-377-4040

Armed Forces, Americas
US Military JTFB Honduras - DoD only
Education Center
Unit 5703
APO, Armed Forces, Americas 34042
United States
Phone: 504-234-4634

US Military Puerto Rico Natl Guard-DoD
PRNG FT Buchanan Bldg B548
Fort Buchanan
Guaynabo, Armed Forces, Americas 00965
United States
Phone: 787-289-1512

Armed Forces, Europe & Other
US Military Bagram Airfield - DoD
25th SIG BN
Bagram Airfield
APO, Armed Forces, Europe & Other 09354
United States
Phone: 318-481-6652

US Military Camp Lemonier (DoD only)
Camp Lemonier
Bldg. 200 TCF, Djibouti
FPO, Armed Forces, Europe & Other 09363
United States
Phone: 011-824-4357

US Military ITT/16th TIN Signal Company
VECTRUS/ 25th Signal Company
New Kabul Compound, Armed Forces, Europe & Other 09354-9998
United States
Phone: 318-449-4010

US Military MFO South Camp Egypt
South Camp MFO, Unit 31530
APO, Armed Forces, Europe & Other 09833
United States

SS 417, Catania, Gela
PSC 812, Box 1000
FPO, Armed Forces, Europe & Other 09627-1000
United States
Phone: 314-624-5761

US Military NTC Columbia College - GTMO
PSC 1005 Box 422
FPO, Armed Forces, Europe & Other 09593
United States
Phone: 153-997-5555

US Military NTC UMUC - Alconbury - DoD only
Unit 5623
APO, Armed Forces, Europe & Other 09470
United States
Phone: 314-268-3808

US Military NTC UMUC Al Dhafra - DoD only
ATTN: UMUC National Test Center
APO, Armed Forces, Europe & Other 09853-5001
United States
Phone: 318-484-6663

US Military NTC UMUC Ali Al Salem - DoD only
UMUC Europe
Air Force Learning Center
Ali Al Salem Air Base
Building 376
APO, Armed Forces, Europe & Other 09855
United States
Phone: 318-442-9006

US Military NTC UMUC - Al Udeid
APO, Armed Forces, Europe & Other 09309
United States
Phone: 318-437-0077

US Military NTC UMUC Ansbach EMEA-DoD only
Army Education Center, Ansbach-Katterbac
Bldg. 5817, Room 245
APO, Armed Forces, Europe & Other 09250
United States
Phone: 314-467-2847

US Military NTC UMUC Aviano AF EMEA - DoD only
UMUC Europe
Aviano Education Center
APO, Armed Forces, Europe & Other 09604
United States
Phone: 314-632-5365

US Military NTC UMUC Bahrain-DoD only
PSC 451 Box 570
FPO, Armed Forces, Europe & Other 09834-2800
United States
Phone: 952-555-5555

US Military NTC UMUC Camp Arifjan EMEA-DoD only
UMUC Europe - National Test Center
Camp Arifjan
APO, Armed Forces, Europe & Other 09366
United States
Phone: 318-442-9010

US Military NTC UMUC Camp Buehring EMEA-DoD only
UMUC Europe - National Test Center
Camp Buehring
APO, Armed Forces, Europe & Other 09330
United States
Phone: 555-555-5555

US Military NTC UMUC Croughton AFB EMEA
Croughton Royal Air Force Base
Unit 5855
APO, Armed Forces, Europe & Other 09494
United States

US Military NTC UMUC - Geilenkirchen
ATTAN: UMUC, Unit 3485
APO, Armed Forces, Europe & Other 09104
United States
Phone: 024-516-4510

US Military NTC UMUC Incirlik AFB-DoD only
Unit 7075
APO, Armed Forces, Europe & Other 09824
United States
Phone: 952-555-5555

US Military NTC UMUC Lajes AF EMEA - DoD only
Unit 6856
APO, Armed Forces, Europe & Other 09720-6856
United States
Phone: 129-557-8682

US Military NTC UMUC Lakenheath EMEA - DoD only
Unit 5200
APO, Armed Forces, Europe & Other 09461
United States
Phone: 314-226-2947

US Military NTC UMUC Landstuhl EMEA-DoD only
Landstuhl Regional Medical Center (LRMC)
ARMY Education Center - UMUC Europe
CMR 402 Box 2200
APO, Armed Forces, Europe & Other 09180-2200
United States
Phone: 637-186-5331

US Military NTC UMUC Livorno (Camp Darby) EMEA
ARMY Education Center
UMUC Europe
Unit 313Q1 - Box 68
APO, Armed Forces, Europe & Other 09613
United States
Phone: 314-632-4641

US Military NTC UMUC Naples EMEA - DoD only
PSC 817, Box 79
FPO, Armed Forces, Europe & Other 09622-0001
United States
Phone: 081-568-6675

US Military NTC UMUC Ramstein AFB EMEA-DoD only
Education Center
Unit 3220, Box 370
APO, Armed Forces, Europe & Other 09094
United States
Phone: 490-622-1363

US Military NTC UMUC Rota EMEA - DoD only
PSC 819, Box 54
FPO, Armed Forces, Europe & Other 09645
United States
Phone: 952-555-5555

US Military NTC UMUC SHAPE - DoD only
Unit 21420, Box 6629
APO, Armed Forces, Europe & Other 09705
United States
Phone: 952-555-5555

US Military NTC UMUC Sigonella EMEA - DoD only
UMUC Sigonella National Testing Center
PSC 824 Box 12
FPO, Armed Forces, Europe & Other 09623-0001
United States
Phone: 314-624-4492

US Military NTC UMUC Spangdahlem AF- DoD only
52 MSSQ/MSE, Unit 3655
Box 120
APO, Armed Forces, Europe & Other 09126-5120
United States
Phone: 314-452-4209

US Military NTC UMUC Stavanger EMEA-DoD only
426 ABS School Liaison Officer
Unit 6655
APO, Armed Forces, Europe & Other 09706
United States
Phone: 314-224-0506

US Military NTC UMUC Stuttgart-Panzer
Unit 30401
APO, Armed Forces, Europe & Other 09107-0401
United States
Phone: 314-431-2303

US Military NTC UMUC Vicenza EMEA - DoD only
CMR 427, Unit 31401 Box 79
APO, Armed Forces, Europe & Other 09630
United States
Phone: 314-634-7055

US Military NTC UMUC Vilseck-DoD only
Army Education Center, Rose Kaserne
ATTN: UMUC Unit 28038
APO, Armed Forces, Europe & Other 09112
United States
Phone: 952-555-5555

US Military NTC UMUC Wiesbaden-DoD only
Unit 29623 Box 46
APO, Armed Forces, Europe & Other 09005-9623
United States
Phone: 314-337-5412

US Military USAG Schinnen,NLD -DoD only
USAG Benelux-Schinnen
IMCH-SHR-E Testing
Unit 21602
APO, Armed Forces, Europe & Other 09703-1602
United States
Phone: 046-443-7613

US Military USN Crete Greece - DoD only
PCS 814 Box 21
FPO, Armed Forces, Europe & Other 09865
United States
Phone: 718-680-7755

Armed Forces Pacific
US Military NTC UMUC Yokosuka - DoD only
PSC 473 BOX 45
FPO, Armed Forces Pacific 96349-0010
United States
Phone: 315-241-4216

US Military NTC UMUC Yokota - DoD only
Unit 5060 BOX 0100
APO, Armed Forces Pacific 96328-0100
United States
Phone: 315-225-3097

US Military NTC UMUC Yongsan - DoD only
UMUC Asia Yongsan Education Center
MSS/DPE Unit 15556
APO, Armed Forces Pacific 96205-5556
United States
Phone: 315-723-4081

US Military NTC UMUC Zama - DoD only
USAG-J Unit 45006
APO, Armed Forces Pacific 96224-5600
United States
Phone: 315-263-4691

US Military Army Kwajalein - DOD personnel only
IS Training, Marshall Islands
APO, Armed Forces Pacific 96555-9998
United States
Phone: 805-355-0787

US Military NTC UMUC Andersen AFB - DoD only
36 MSS/DPE (UMD) Unit 14001 BOX 14
APO, Armed Forces Pacific 96543-4001
United States
Phone: 671-339-4786

US Military NTC UMUC Atsugi - DoD only
PSC 477 BOX 5
FPO, Armed Forces Pacific 96306-1250
United States
Phone: 315-264-3055

US Military NTC UMUC-Camp Henry Korea-DoD only
Unit 15746
APO, Armed Forces Pacific 96218
United States
Phone: 315-768-7080

US Military NTC UMUC Camp Humphreys
UMUC Asia Camp Humphreys Edu Center
USAG Camp Humphreys
APO, Armed Forces Pacific 96271-5592
United States
Phone: 315-753-8687

US Military NTC UMUC Casey-DoD only
UMUC Asia Camp Casey Education Center
Unit 15600
APO, Armed Forces Pacific 96224-5600
United States
Phone: 315-730-1837

US Military NTC UMUC Iwakuni - DoD only
PSC 561 BOX 850
FPO, Armed Forces Pacific 96310-0711
United States
Phone: 315-253-3112

US Military NTC UMUC Kadena AB - DoD only
Unit 5134 Box 40
APO, Armed Forces Pacific 96368-5134
United States
Phone: 315-634-2872

US Military NTC UMUC Kunsan - DoD only
UMUC Asia Kunsan Education Center
8 MSS/DPE Unit 2102
APO, Armed Forces Pacific 96264-2102
United States
Phone: 315-782-7924

US Military NTC UMUC Misawa - DoD only
USAG-J Unit 45006
APO, Armed Forces Pacific 96224-5600
United States
Phone: 315-226-5144

US Military NTC UMUC Naval Base Guam - DoD only
PSC 455 BOX 152
FPO, Armed Forces Pacific 96540-1000
United States
Phone: 671-339-2263

US Military NTC UMUC Osan - DoD only
UMUC Asia Osan Education Center
51st FSS / FSK Unit 2065 BOX 2065
APO, Armed Forces Pacific 96278-2065
United States
Phone: 315-784-9154

US Military NTC UMUC Sasebo - DoD only
PSC 476 BOX 89
FPO, Armed Forces Pacific 96322-0089
United States
Phone: 315-252-3298

US Military NTC Coastline College-Point Loma DoD
140 Sylvester Rd
Bldg 140, Room 103
San Diego, California 92106-3521
United States
Phone: 619-726-3664

US Military NTC UMUC Travis AFB - DoD only
530 Hickam Ave
Bay C
Room 111
Travis AFB, California 94535
United States
Phone: 707-344-6891

US Military NTC USMC Air Station Natl Univ Miramar
Building 5305
the "Hub"
San Diego, California 92145
United States
Phone: 858-541-7951

US Military USMC 29 Palms-DoD only
Bldg 1530, 6th St
MCAGCC Box 788150
Twenty Nine Palms, California 92278-8150
United States
Phone: 760-830-6881

US Military NTC Barstow College-Ft Irwin- DoD only
Barstow Community College
Attn: Off-Campus/Jerry Peters
BLDG 285 Barstow Rd
Fort Irwin, California 92310
United States
Phone: 760-252-2411

US Military NTC Central TX Colg-No Island-DoD only
North Island Naval Air Station
Building 2005
San Diego, California 92135
United States
Phone: 619-437-1021

US Military NTC Central TX College-32ndSt USN DoD
3975 Norman Scott Blvd
Bldg 3290, Room 106
Military personnel Only
San Diego, California 92136
United States
Phone: 619-696-1080

US Military NTC Coastline College-Camp Pendleton
Bldg 1331
Joint Education Center
Camp Pendleton, California 92055-5020
United States
Phone: 619-375-8377

US Military NTC Pikes Peak CC - Peterson AFB
301 West Stewart Street
Peterson AFB, Colorado 80914
United States
Phone: 719-502-3370

US Military NTC Pikes Peak CC - USAFA
5136 Eagle Drive
Suite P106
USAFA, Colorado 80840
United States
Phone: 719-502-3370

Washington, District Of Columbia
US Military NTC UMUC Bolling AFB - DoD only
112 Brookley Ave
Building 11
Suite 107
Washington, District Of Columbia 20032
United States
Phone: 202-563-3611

US Military NTC Coastline Colg-Pensacola-DoD only
250 Chambers Ave Bldg 634 Ste 023
NAS Pensacola, Florida 32508
United States
Phone: 850-455-9577

US Military NTC FL ST Colg NS Jacksonville-DoDonly
NAS Jacksonville
Building 110, Room 16
Yorktown Ave
Jacksonville, Florida 32212
United States
Phone: 904-771-3979

US Military NTC St Leo Univ-NAS Key West-DoD only
Saint Leo University
A-718 Essex Circle
NAS Key West, Florida 33040
United States
Phone: 305-293-2847

US Military NTC UMUC Eglin AFB - DoD only
502 West D Ave (Bldg 251)
Eglin AFB, Florida 32542
United States
Phone: 850-882-1321

US Military NTC Troy University Ft Gordon
741 Barnes Ave
Bldg 21606
Fort Gordon, Georgia 30905
United States
Phone: 706-210-2826

US Military NTC Valdosta State University-DoD only
918 USS James Madison Rd
Kings Bay, Georgia 31547
United States
Phone: 912-673-7168

US Military NTC WiregrassGA Tech Colg Moody AF-DoD
3010 Robinson Rd
Moody AFB, Georgia 31699
United States
Phone: 229-253-9571

US Military NTC Hawaii Pac Univ-Kaneohe-DoD only
Kaneohe Marine Corps Base Hawaii
Fifth street Bldg 219 Room 5
Next to the K-Bay theater
MCBH Kaneohe, Hawaii 96863
United States
Phone: 808-544-9313

US Military NTC Hawaii Pac Univ-Schofield-DoD only
Education Center Yano Hall
Building 560 Room 216 - Testing Room 214
Schofield Barracks Campus
Schofield Barracks, Hawaii 96857
United States
Phone: 808-687-7092

US Military NTC HI Pacific Univ-Hickam-DoD only
900 Hangar Ave
Hangar 2 Room 209
Hickam AFB, Hawaii 96853-5256
United States
Phone: 808-543-8053

US Military NTC HI Pac Univ-Pearl Harbor-DoD only
1260 Pierce Street
Bldg 679, 2nd Floor, Rm 207
Pearl Harbor, Hawaii 96860-4673
United States
Phone: 808-687-7081

US Military Camp Dodge Johnston - DoD
185th RTI
7105 NW 70th Ave
CAMP DODGE Building M2
Johnston, Iowa 50131-1824
United States
Phone: 515-334-2764

US Military NTC Hopkinsville Ft Campbell
202 Bastogne Avenue
Fort Campbell, Kentucky 42223
United States
Phone: 270-707-3958

US Military NTC Univ of Louisville FtKnox-DoD only
63 Warehouse Street
P O Box 87
Fort Knox, Kentucky 40121-0087
United States
Phone: 502-942-8060

US Military NTC Bossier Parish CC- DoD only
Education Building Room 101
723 Douhet Drive
Barksdale AFB, Louisiana 71110-2429
United States
Phone: 318-678-6002

US Military NTC Central TX Colg-Fort Polk-DoD only
7460 Colorado Ave, BLDG 660
Room 103
Fort Polk, Louisiana 71459
United States
Phone: 337-537-5202

US Military NTC UMUC Andrews AFB - DoD only
1413 Arkansas Rd
Building 1413, Room 100J
Joint Base Andrews, Maryland 20762
United States
Phone: 301-981-3123

US Mil NTC UMUC Ft Meade(NSA)-Campus Access Reqd
University of Maryland University College
9801 Love Road
Fort Meade, Maryland 20755
United States
Phone: 301-621-9882

US Military NTC St Fair CC Whiteman AF DoD only
511 Spirit Blvd Room 246
P.O. Box 5065
Whiteman AFB, Missouri 65305
United States
Phone: 660-563-3358

US Military ARNG Helena, MT- DoD only
208th Regiment
Ft Harrison, Montana 59636
United States
Phone: 406-324-3236

US Military NTC Coastline CC-USN Fallon NV DoDonly
Coastline Community College
4755 Pasture Rd, Bldg. 307
Fallon, Nevada 89496-5000
United States
Phone: 775-423-3711

New Jersey
US Military NTC Thomas Edison - TESC - DoD only
Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst
3829 School House Road
McGuire AFB, New Jersey 08641-5614
United States
Phone: 609-777-5696

New Mexico
US Military NTC Clovis CC - Cannon AFB - DoD only
110 E. Alison Ave
Building 600 Suite #2107
Clovis, New Mexico 88103
United States
Phone: 575-799-8688

US Military NTC Lewis Univ-Kirtland AFB-Dod only
1900 Wyoming Blvd. SE
KAFB Education Center
Kirtland AFB, New Mexico 87117
United States
Phone: 505-265-3947

North Carolina
US Military NTC Campbell University-Fort Bragg-DoD
PO BOX 70659
BTEC Bldg 1-3571, Knox Street, H-Wing
Fort Bragg, North Carolina 28307
United States
Phone: 910-436-2860

US Military NTC Campbell Univ-Pope AFB-DoD only
829 Armistead Street
Pope AAF, North Carolina 28308
United States
Phone: 910-497-2022

US Military NTC Craven CC- Cherry Point DoD only
C Street
Education Office; Bldg 4335, Room 202
MCAS Cherry Point - Commanding Officer
Cherry Point, North Carolina 28533-0019
United States
Phone: 252-444-1862

North Dakota
US Military NTC Minot State Univ Minot AF-DoD only
210 Missile Ave
Minot AFB, North Dakota 58705
United States
Phone: 701-858-3990

US Military NTC Pk Univ Wright-Patterson AFB-DoD
2130 5th Street, Bldg. 50, Area B
Room 222
Wright Patterson AFB, Ohio 45433-7024
United States
Phone: 937-904-4806

US Military NTC Wayland Baptist Vance AFB-DoD only
446 McAffrey Ave
Suite 6
Vance AFB, Oklahoma 73705-5711
United States
Phone: 580-213-7388

US Military Fort Indiantown ANG - DoD Only
Fort Indiantown Gap
Education Center, Building 9-54
Annville, Pennsylvania 17003-9002
United States
Phone: 717-861-2434

South Carolina
US Military NTC TESC at NWS Goose Creek - DoD only
2316 Red Bank Road
Bldg 909 Room 127
Weapons Station - Joint Base, CHASN
Goose Creek, South Carolina 29445
United States
Phone: 843-794-7531

US Military Austin ANG - DoD only
2200 W 35th St
Bldg 15 Room 140
NGTX-RR-E Education Services Office
Austin, Texas 78763-5218
United States
Phone: 512-782-5515

US Military NTC Central TX College - Fort Hood
761st Tank Bn. Ave.
Bldg 33009
Fort Hood, Texas 76544
United States
Phone: 254-290-0701

US Military NTC UMUC - Fort Bliss
Bldg 614, Room 11
Fort Bliss, Texas 79916
United States
Phone: 915-238-7884

US Military NTC Wayland Baptist-Sheppard-DoD only
426 5th Ave
Suite 4
Sheppard AFB, Texas 76311-2931
United States
Phone: 940-855-4322

US Military Camp Johnson, VT ANG - DoD
Vermont National Guard
Building 15, Room 103
789 Vermont National Guard Rd
Colchester, Vermont 05446
United States
Phone: 802-338-3609

US Military NTC Northern VA CC - Ft Belvoir
9625 Belvoir Road
Fort Belvoir, Virginia 22060
United States
Phone: 703-805-9261

US Military NTC No VA CC-Quantico Marine Base
3088 Roan Street
Lifelong Learning Center
Quantico, Virginia 22134
United States
Phone: 703-878-4609

US Military NTC St Leo Univ-Norfolk Campus-DoDonly
Naval Station Norfolk
Building I & E - Room 2
1680 Gilbert Street
Norfolk, Virginia 23511-2907
United States
Phone: 757-489-0969

US Military NTC St Leo Univ-Oceana Campus-DoDonly
Saint Leo University - NAS Oceana
Building 531 Room 104
Virginia Beach, Virginia 23460
United States
Phone: 757-428-8395

US Military NTC St Leo Univ-SHRC Little Ck-DoDonly
1481 D Street
Bldg. 3016
Jeb Little Creek\Fort Story
Virginia Beach, Virginia 23459
United States
Phone: 757-464-6449

US Military NAS Whidbey Island VAQ-129
3740 N. Charles Porter Ave
Oak Harbor, Washington 98278-4909
United States
Phone: 360-320-9428

US Military NTC Pierce Colg McChord AFB - DoD only
McChord AFB Education Center
851 Lincoln Blvd, Suite 303
No GMAT Testing after 5:00 PM on Mondays
McChord AFB, Washington 98438
United States
Phone: 253-964-6606

US Military NTC Pierce College Ft Lewis - DoD only
Stone Education Center
Bldg 6242 Colorado Ave. Rm C233
Ft Lewis, Washington 98433
United States
Phone: 253-964-6606

US Military NTC Vincennes University-NBK Bangor
1042 Tautog Circle
Silverdale, Washington 98315-1042
United States
Phone: 360-478-7202

US Military NTC Laramie County C C - DoD only
Laramie County Community College
1205 Ziemann Blvd
F.E. Warren AFB
Cheyenne, Wyoming 82005
United States
Phone: 307-773-2113

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