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CAT 2016 Common Mistakes – Avoid or Fall!

CAT Common Mistakes
CAT 2016 - Common Mistakes
CAT 2016 Common Mistakes – Every year more approx. 2 lakh candidate appear in CAT exam which conducted by IIM. Most of candidates fail to crack CAT (Common Admission Test) every year. Reason behind the failure is, ‘Common Mistakes’. Toppers never do these common mistakes in CAT exam. Candidates are advised to check common mistakes in this page below:

CAT Common Mistakes –
CAT preparation requires at least 5 to 6 months. Since there are only 4 month or even less than of it, candidates may fall into dilemma that what to do or not to do. In this article you will be aware by CAT common mistakes either preparing for exam or taking exam. First of all Know all about CAT 2016 in brief.

CAT 2016 –
IIM Bangalore has released notification on July 31 for CAT 2016 exam. As per official notification CAT 2016 will be conducted on December 4, 2016. As the IIM-CAT has started CAT 2016 registration, candidate aspiring for CAT exam can now fill application form for the same.

CAT 2016 Application Form The application procedure of CAT 2016 has been started from August 8, 2016 by 10 am onwards.

CAT 2016 Admit Card - Candidates can download their CAT 2016 admit card by entering login details here.

CAT 2016 Application Process – Points to remember
  • 3 Step Process – Registration, Filling application form and Fee
  • Registration process must be completed within 30 minutes
  • Must fill valid details
  • Confirmation required
  • Save application details – Login id and Password
CAT 2016 Common Mistakes while Preparing for it –

Mistake 1: Study without Break – As you study continuously for a long time, it falls accuracy. CAT 2016 aspirants are advised to take rest for few minutes after some hours.

Mistake 2: Continue Sleepless Nights – If you study in night you should sleep in night continuous sleepless nights can make you sick.

Mistake 3: No Making Notes – Making notes is good policy. But you have to keep in mind that you are not making it for exam day only. Read you notes in continuous manner.

Mistake 4: No personal strategy – Make CAT 2016 exam strategies by your own because you better know your weakness.

Mistake 5: Losing hope – Don’t lose your hope. Yes, you can crack CAT 2016. If you are getting bore or losing your hope, leads failure.

Above mistakes may lead to problems while preparing for exam. Now candidates can check some other mistakes, occurs in exam day which lead to failure.
Mistakes in Examination Hall –

Mistake-1: Not using the “Mark” option correctly: Due to confusion some candidates don’t mark correct option. Candidates are advised to be conscious while making the option.

Mistake-2: Calculating all answers and not approximating: If you are calculating the actual answer it means you are wasting time. Always calculate approximate answer and choose the right option.

Mistake-3: Not using the ‘Method of Elimination’: Method of elimination is a way to reject the wrong option. For example, If you have 4 options and you know that 2 are wrong among all the options then use elimination method.

Mistake-4: Solved more with less accuracy: If you are trying to solve more questions without noticing accuracy, it means you are making mistakes. Don’t try to solve more question but accurate.

Mistake-5: Took the questions as challenge: Don’t waste time to solve the question which is not solving at once.

Mistake-6: Attempted MCQs first: Don’t try to solve all MCQs first. Some MCQs take time.

Mistake-7: Overconfidence in Quant made it worse: Overconfidence always create problem overconfidence in Quant made it worse.

Mistake-8: Questions not properly understood: Take time to understand the question while taking CAT 2016.

Mistake-9: Number of Questions = Percentile Achievable: Don’t think that numbers of questions are equal to percentile achievable. For example if you are solving 5 right answers, you will get 5 x 4 = 20 marks. If you solve 7 questions and 5 are right and 2 are wrong, you will get 5 x 4 + 2 x (-1) = 18 marks.

Mistake-10: Read the question twice – Read questions twice or thrice but not reading the question properly may lead problem.

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