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10 Tips to Write an MBA Application Essay

MBA Application Essay Tips
MBA Application Essay Tips
10 Tips to write an MBA Application Essay – First of all students must know what is MBA application essay and why to write MBA application essay. Before drafting an MBA application essay let’s start with introduction.

What is an MBA Application Essay?
MBA Application Essays are written by MBA aspiring candidates to universities. MBA Universities ask candidates for essay(s) with application form. It may be in the form of MBA Video Essay or a written essay or both. MBA application essay word limits, number of question and format is defined by universities. It may be different for different universities. 

MBA aspirants can check here all about MBA video essay such as ‘what is MBA Video essay’ and ‘tips for creating MBA Essay videos’.

10 Tips to write an MBA Application Essay –

As discussed above, MBA application essay is in written format. Now check 10 tips to write an MBA Application Essay form below:
  1. Word Limit: As the limit is prescribed by the university, the MBA application essay limit may be different. Candidates must write MBA application essay with in the limit. For example, if the essay is asked of 250 words then application essay must not exceed from 250 words. 
  2. Work on introduction: Introduction must by catchy and attractive. 
  3. Concise your words: By compacting essay you can write more details. 
  4. Try to be unique not #1 
  5. Give some real-time example 
  6. Use your sense of humor, if you can, sparingly 
  7. Check for grammatical errors 
  8. Try to show your social qualities 
  9. Do not write about your high school glory days 
  10. Why to do MBA: Your MBA application essay must shows why you want to do an MBA. 
MBA Video Essays: In this type of essays, university ask to candidates to send MBA Essay in the form of Video. Candidates can check 10 Tips to be remembered while recording your MBA Video essay.

10 Tips for MBA Video Essay:
  1. Duration: Video length must not be exceeded. 
  2. Focus on question: Candidates must know what is asked in question. They can make a note for the same. 
  3. Dress: Dress matters, Student must be in formals. 
  4. Background: Make sure that your background of video is not uncluttered. 
  5. Area: Area or location where you are recording the video is a silent place or make sure that no one will disturb you. 
  6. Practice: Practice a lot until you get perfection. 
  7. Check device: Check your recording device before you start your recording. 
  8. Body language: Work on your body language, avoid access motions to avoid haziness. 
  9. Silent Noisy devices: Silence your mobile phone or other noisy devices. 
  10. Language & Voice: Use simple language and speak loud so that audio can be recorded clearly but do not shout.
By using 10 tips to write an MBA Application Essay and 10 tips while recording MBA Video Essay candidates can get possibility to get an admission in MBA.

MBA Video Essay – MBA Application Video Essay Tips and Sample
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